Every home is a work in progress

There’s always a change you want to make that would increase the value of the home. Your home is yours to make more comfortable and convenient for everyone in your family.

A home improvement loan allows you to achieve your dreams. Ask about our financing options today!

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Financing can be as effortless as relaxing in your pool

Closer than you think

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You can work with your local bank or credit union, but we recommend HFS Financial. They understand home improvement projects. The also offer great rates!

HFS Financial Gets it

Instead of fixating on your financing, you get to focus on your purchase. HFS financial offers innovative lending products that give consumers with strong credit highly competitive financing. The process is fast and easy. And you can be approved, sign your documents, and receive your funds very fast. It’s the ideal way to finance your pool project.

Rates Matter

You're in charge

Preserve Equity

If your credit score is solid, HFS Financial can offer rates as low as 2.99%

You’ll be a cash buyer, with funds you can use to pay your contractor when you’re ready. You choose the amount and set the terms.

Instead of a home equity loan, which requires time and paperwork, HFS Financial is a fast and easy option. Most consumers can be funded in 24 hrs.

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