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Our passion is designing & building beautiful swimming pools & outdoor landscapes. Working with landscape design, your home architecture, & the natural surroundings, we create an ambiance of fun & relaxation in your own backyard oasis. The swimming pool becomes a center piece to your own personal escape. Our design & construction techniques create an awe-inspiring outdoor experience that you will enjoy for many years. 



It's not just a pool! After we meet with you to discuss your vison, we begin the design phase of your project. We then present you with custom 3D Renderings, in incredible detail, to allow you to fully visualize the potential of your own backyard oasis. This may include landscaping, lighting, and much more!


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Material Selections

Once you've decided on a custom tailored design, we begin the materials selection process. The outdoor environment and your home architecture has its own unique flow. We walk you through the crucial steps of picking materials that match your new or existing home as well as your own personal unique style. No two pools are the same. 

 Want to see a sample in person? Just ask your designer & we would be happy to gather different materials to present to you.

Construction  Process

Before construction begins, we take an engineering approach to your project. We use industry practices to calculate different aspects of your pool such as hydraulics & pipe sizing to maximize efficiency & minimize the long term costs often associated with swimming pool ownership

Construction of your project happens in phases. We take a personalized & methodical approach to maximize the use of our resources & minimize construction times. 

Tideline Pools East
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