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Filter Cleaning

Your pool filter is one of the most important parts of the pool circulation system. It helps remove debris from the water to keep your water crystal clear. When your filter is dirty your pool circulation system may not operate correctly. We are ready to handle the dirty work for you!

Hot Tub Valet

  • Weekly Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Drain & Cleaning

  • Hotsprings & Caldera Repair

  • FREE Electronic Documentation of weekly visits, chemicals used, and service performed


Get back to swimming. We'll take care of the rest!

Stain Treatment

Save on a costly refilling of your pool by using a comprehensive stain treatment plan. Stain treatment plans will vary by the stain. Ask about our different treatment plans today!

Salt Water Conversion

Saltwater Pools have become a standard way to maintain a beautiful pool. You'll be happy to learn that a saltwater kit is a simple procedure and can be added to most pools! 


Green to Clean

Keep your pool Algae-Free

If your pool has a yellow, black, brown or green tint to it, or you notice these colors around steps, corners or walls your pool has algae growth. Algae is hard on your pool system and can completely deplete chlorine levels in no time!

What causes Algae growth?

Algae can enter the pool from numerous ways. Wind, rain, landscaping maintenance, pets and even swimsuits can all bring algae into the pool. With the right conditions an algae bloom can occur in no time at all. This can throw your pool filtration and chlorination system out of balance. Algae can clog filters, skimmers, and be hard on your pump. Phosphates are another type of organic material that can occur naturally in your pool water. Phosphates are a large nutrients source for algae. They come from dead leaves, lawn fertilizer, pollen, ash and many other sources. 

Green to Clean

Our green to clean services can turn green, dirty pool water back to the cystal clear pool you are used to enjoying in most cases, less than a week. For the typical process we will remove debris, leaves, and other organic material from the pool, kill the algae, treat for phosphates and then return to vacuum the waste. If your pool has been neglected or your worried about algae growth, give us a call today to get your pool back in shape!


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