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UV, Ozone & Minerals


Why are they important?

A sanitizer is a chemical that will kill germs that could make you sick. Chlorine is both a sanitizer and an oxidizer and is the most common sanitizer used in a swimming pool. With the introduction of salt systems in pools, pool owners can also generate their own natural chlorine reducing the need for harsh raw chemicals. Although Ozone and chlorine are both pool sanitizers, comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges. Instead of one or the other it is recommended to use them together as they make a perfect team in destroying contaminates in your swimming pool. This essentially reduces the total demand on your santizing system, extending its life and creating cleaner water.

UV & Ozone Installation

UV Systems

UV lamps emit safe, high intensity light which break apart DNA & RNA of microorganisms, harmful bacteria, viruses, cysts, and protozoa. This "inactivates" those contaminates to leave the water safe and sanitized. This high intensity light also destroys organic matter such as urine and sweat to eliminate the formation of chlorine by-products

Reduce Chemical Demand

By allowing UV-C lamps to destroy contaminates, more chlorine is free to keep the pool sanitized. This reduces the load on chlorination systems such as salt water and greatly reduces the amount of chemicals that need to be added to the water.

Green Technology

UV-C lamps are also "clean" technology. The only active disinfectants are rays of light, no gasses or oxidants are added to the water. Chlorine and other chemicals are great at keeping the pool water actively safe even when the pump is off. UV-C sanitizes contaminants, breaks down chloramines and develops more comfortable water. Working in conjunction with a residual sanitizer such as a salt system, UV-C creates a complete modern pool system.

OZone Systems

Ozone Systems work by splitting molecular oxygen in the water into atomic oxygen (O1). These free oxygen molecules then bond to form ozone (O3). When Ozone contacts contaminants, the bond is broken and the free oxygen atom destroys the foreign bodies & contaminants. Ozone is a very powerful sanitizer and by working with a residual sanitizer ozone can create a safer, cleaner pool.


Mineral Sanitizers

Mineral Sanitizers

Did you know, Egyptions & Ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire used silver to sanitizer their water? By using a mineral cartridge in conjunction with a residual sanitizer, you can reduce chemical demand in your pool. Trace amounts of silver & copper are dispensed into the pool using a mineral cartridge for continuous sanitizing and healthier pH levels. 

Reduce Chemical Demand

Positively charged silver and copper ions bond with negatively charged contaminates and effectively kill them. This essentially reduces the chemical demand for your pool. Erosion mineral cartridges can be added to almost any pool!

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